About us

Precis! Inter@ctive Language Learning was established in Luxembourg in 2001 and provides tailor-made courses designed precisely to match our clients’ needs.

We assess your needs carefully so that we can guide you to exactly the right course for you.

Types of courses:

Extensive courses

2-3 sessions per week for 1-52 weeks. Sessions last an hour or an hour and a half depending on your level.

Intensive courses

10-40 hours per week for 1-12 weeks. These courses are designed to suit your availability and precisely how intensive you want them to be! Sessions can be arranged during the day or in the evenings and can take place at our office or wherever you prefer.

Individual courses

Specialised courses

Written conversation courses

Telephone conversation courses

Industry-specific courses (Insurance companies, Financial institutions, Real estate agents etc.)

We guarantee your success
We work only with qualified and experienced teachers who have chosen teaching as their career. Our teachers come from various backgrounds before joining the teaching profession. This wealth of experience gives our team an unrivalled position in the Luxembourg market.

We also offer professionell translations throughout different languages. To read more visit, Traduction professionnelles langues étrangères


We will come to visit you at your office so we can set out clear goals right at the beginning of the course. We will then prepare a course outline for you based on what it will take to achieve those goals.


We check your progress continually through both written and oral assessments. Our teachers keep an eye on your results throughout the course and will adapt their teaching methods to make sure you achieve maximum proficiency your chosen language.


At the end of each course we set an appropriate assessment (either written or oral) and provide you with report on your progress.

Custom design

We choose course materials with each individual student to make sure they have the best and most up-to-date study aids available.

Our language instructors

We work only with qualified and experienced teachers who have chosen teaching as their career. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and from different industries before qualifying as teachers giving them a range of expertise unrivalled in the marketplace in Luxembourg.

Latest technology

We always use state-of-the-art technology to help our clients progress as quickly as possible. This can vary from online learning (link) to Skype/telephone and video conferencing classes when you are away.

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